You want to quit badly and you have been thinking about it alot.  

You know your smoking has consequences to your health, relationships, and opportunities for new experiences.  

It has been frustrating to you knowing that willpower alone has not kept you away from lighting up that next cigarette.

You deserve to break free from Tobacco addiction--we believe in helping you make it happen.

Our Mission

AddictionFix is committed to raising awareness of the reality of Tobacco addiction and current treatment options available.  We provide this through a variety of teaching methods and approaches--providing education and advocating the use of current evidence-based practices.  We strive to encourage clients with tobacco addiction to quit their habit in close collaboration with their health & wellness professional to achieve the best results and resolve to quit tobacco for good and be relapse free.      

What We Have worked on & Achieved

  • Content contribution and review of the 2014 AlbertaQuits Tobacco Free Futures Guidelines Chapter 20: Reproductive years and Childbearing years
  • Recurring guest speaker for AHS QuitCore program 
  • Provided resource and consultant support for Albertaquits NRT free 90-day Program launch in Fall of 2015
  • Integration of tobacco use screening and intervention into SHC outpatient women's health clinic
  • Pharmacist guest speaker for AHS Tobacco Reduction and Cessation (TRAC) Program