Matt Chow, Pharmacist Director of

Matt Chow, Pharmacist
Director of

"Tobacco treatment for any client can help reduce the risk of many preventable diseases--ranging from heart attack, lung cancer, diabetes.  These are diseases that don't happen overnight, but are developed by repeated harmful habits over a long period of time.  The sooner a client makes change, we can decrease the severity of disease and for some cases reverse the damage done

Matt is a certified tobacco educator (CTE) and clinical pharmacist practicing in Calgary, Alberta. His experiences of tobacco addictions treatment come from his work with new families, youth, young professionals, and pregnant women. 

He is also a certified Tobacco treatment specialist (TTS, MayoClinic Rochester), and has been a guest speaker at the Albertaquits QuitCore program and the former Tobacco Reduction and Cessation (TRAC) program.

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