The Power of the Crossfit Community: Forging Your New Smoke-Free Life

A couple weeks ago I was able to join a seminar hosted by Crossfit 956 in Calgary, AB.  

It was a great opportunity to learn Olympic Lifting and Gymnastic skills--something very different from the Kettlebells I train with.   

I got a taste of the Crossfit experience--but what I want to share with you is that it goes beyond lifting weights.

The root of the experience involves the community--one that I know will help bust you out of your addiction to cigarettes and help build the best smoke-free version of yourself!

CF956 and Blok Performance-CF956-0090.jpg

I may not be a smoker but I know the pain of feeling stuck in life--where everyone around you is passing by you, while you are left in the dust.

You know your smoking habit is keeping you from getting the life you dream about day and night.

Well--it's time to stop feeling sorry for yourself. 

You are gifted with a very special ability--the power to choose a healthier life.  

If you're reading this--you're looking for answers to break out of this mental prison set on you by your addiction to cigarettes. 


Here are 3 reasons why I think the community of Crossfit 956 is a perfect fit for you:


1) Awesome Coaching Staff

This Crossfit box is all about helping you build a healthy lifestyle with the focus on Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Athletic Performance, and Mental & Spiritual Well-Being.

Each coach and member that I met throughout the weekend took on a very humble attitude that was open and enthusiastic to learn from the Crossfit athletes, Adam and Zac.

No one got defensive if they didn't quite get the movements down, everyone was all about learning and getting better. 

For me, that's my litmus test for a good coaching crew.

I find that coaches that are willing to keep learning and challenging themselves, demonstrate their commitment to rewarding their clients with incredible knowledge and value.  

Sounds like an excellent trade off for making the commitment to show up for class, right? 



2) Extensive Support for Members

We had the opportunity to have meals catered by Lean On Meals YYC (and Crossfit 956 is a drop-off location--amazingly convenient!)  

If you are new to the trend of meal prepped foods, then prepared to get your mind blown--it's nutritious whole foods that are all portioned out for you.  

This is the perfect solution for anyone with concerns that they will gain weight when they stop smoking.

Aside: when you are quitting smoking, you may find yourself stress eating (the REAL reason people gain weight when quitting cigarettes, in my opinion). 

The money you spend initially might be extra for your budget, but once you've quit smoking for a couple weeks you'll start to see your smoking money is better invested on nourishing and healthy meals that help you thrive.

Should you choose to eventually prep your own meals, you at least will have built up a good idea of what you like and how much you need to eat.  

Either way, you're still ahead than if you continued smoking and you'll have WAY more time to start enjoying the smoke-free life you are building!



3) A Community of People Committed to Being the Best Version of Themselves

Being the only non-member in this weekend course, I was anxious entering new territory. 

But there is absolutely nothing to worry about with this group--I felt welcomed and everyone there was easy to make friends with.  

Everyone had different skills they were good at--I felt this helped foster a compassionate culture that could empathize with personal struggle and at the same time embrace success and breakthroughs. 

One epic moment in the weekend was the roaring cheer from the group when we all watched one member, who had self doubts of doing a muscle up, surprised himself at the end of the weekend as he pressed himself above the rings in a completed muscle up. 

When you meet this group of people motivated to break past their own struggles and limitations, you know these people will not let you half-ass your workouts or give up on yourself. 

Plus, they're a really fun group!


Final Thoughts: 

Before you try using every ounce of will-power to quit smoking--start with visualize what your smoke-free life will look like.  

What goals are you accomplishing?  

Who are the friends you surround yourself with that will support and inspire you to keep smoke-free and continue thriving in life?  

My experience with Crossfit 956 was a great one, check them out and see if they're a good fit in helping you get healthy. 

Lean on Meals YYC provides you opportunities to learn about what you need to keep yourself nourished and well-fed, leaving you more time to focus on living the life you deserve.

If you have tried using willpower to stay smoke-free and it hasn't worked for you, it's time to switch it up!

Give yourself permission to try something different. 

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