Blueprint to Quit: A Quit Smoking Success Story

He had tried lots of things before he met me.  

He used books including Allan Carr's "Easy Way to Quit Smoking" (quit for 10 months), tried medications (quit 6 months), changed up his lifestyle (quit 8 months), and went to government programs (didn't quit, but reduced significantly).  

But he was looking for an effective way to quit smoking and he wanted to make it stick.  

I want to be healthy for my my family and my vision of my career depends on me to be in prime mental & physical health.

I needed to make the change, because I want to set a higher standard for myself

I met Jo Mac a couple weeks ago to follow-up on his progress.  

He is now smoke free, but it wasn't an overnight success story.

Nobody really decides to quit smoking, until they have AWARENESS.

Until there is awareness that continuing a life controlled by cravings and smoking is REALLY depressing.


What opportunities in life are you seeing others enjoying while you are feeling stuck, in a smokers limbo, unable to break free?


For Jo, it was an overwhelming feeling of not feeling in control.  

He was watching his hard-earned dollars not being invested and instead being spent on cigarettes that were now tasting and making him feel gross.

He realized that looking into the future that this was not the story he wanted to play out. 

He started to subscribe to the content available at AddictionFix.

With some guidance and using what he learnt from past experiences quitting smoking, he got focused and was able to take some serious action. 

When I took at deep look at the patterns in my daily life, I figured out where I was pre-programmed to respond with smoking. Once I figured that out, it was a matter of getting creative to break the patterns

For Jo, he reflected on his routines where he would grab a smoke.  

Oftentimes, grabbing a cigarette would always happen with the morning coffee, meals, and moments of stress.

If you're reading this, you can probably relate alot with smoking routines that Jo had considered a part of his daily life--it feels like an automatic response and it feels normal to do. 


When your vision of your tobacco-free life is so strong in your mind, you work on making it happen, taking REAL action, and making the steps to break away from the old life as a smoker.


Jo applied the lessons & content from my posts on the AddictionFix Instagram page, to look for ways to break the patterns.  

Instead of smoking after a coffee or a meal, he would instead go for a walk and play with his kids.

Instead of trying to seek the comfort of a cigarette when he was stressed, he would start his breathing exercises which helped him take a step back, look at the stress, and figure out how to deal with them.

I wrote out my quitting strategy, kept it in my pocket, and reminded myself (using my phone) to pull this out to read this several times during the day to remind myself why I was doing this.

By the time I was 3 weeks smoke free, I tried smoking a cigarette—but this time, it had no effect of hooking me in

Now that he's smoke free, he has the energy and time to focus on what really matters: being committed to a healthy tobacco-free life, starting his own business, and being an all-around awesome family guy! 


I believe you can also break free from the cycle of tobacco addiction too and start living the life you truly want.

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