3 Ways Floating Can Help You Quit Smoking For Good

Lots of cities have many of these businesses popping up all over.


Ever tried it?  

I think this might be part of your winning arsenal in quitting smoking and building a successful system to help you manage the temptations of your old life of a smoker and move you towards a life that gives you the balance you truly desire.  


Last week, after a stretch of night-shifts at the hospital, I booked myself for a float at Clear Float, located in the 1800 building of 4th Street SW. 

I was ecstatic to find that you could book your float as late as 10pm! 

Upon entering, I was immediately greeted by Clear Float attendant Clarke, who toured me through the spotless facility--showing me the 3 available float tank rooms (with immediate plans to expand to 5 rooms this month!)

After spending my hour long session, I went home and I slept like a baby!  

I was so surprised to feel so refreshed the next morning. 

Transitioning back to days from working night-shifts has been definitely alot less of a struggle this time and I feel like my float experience had alot to do with it. 


My float experience revealed powerful realizations using this therapy to help you break out of your habit of smoking


Here are 3 ways floating can help you quit smoking for good:  


1) Floating helps you work through your smoking hang ups

Have you found yourself pushing aside the need to address your smoking habits because life gets busy? 

It does get busy. 

Life truly does not wait for you to catch up and figure your shit out.

However, a one-hour float may be just the thing you need! 

The immersive environment of floating in total darkness (while listening to calming tunes) allows your mind to shift and focus on things that really matter.

Without distractions, you can address the REAL why behind your smoking, the root of your discomfort that triggers your cravings. 

I challenge you to stay in the entire session and see what your mind can come up with.


2) Floating helps train your mind to manage discomfort

The enclosed tank, the darkness, staying there for an hour--this might all be REALLY uncomfortable for alot of new-timers. 

This is ALOT more apparent if you are claustrophobic and not used to the feeling of being suspended.  

But here's the thing--stick around for a bit.

Breathe calmly and deeply.

What's the worst that can happen?

If you're afraid of drowning--it's impossible (unless you intentionally flip over).

If you get the hypertonic solution into your eyes, they have a water spray bottle close by.

Afraid of water getting into your ears?  There's watertight earplugs that effectively keep the inside of your ears dry.   

You'll find that if you stick with the breathing and keep aware of all the safety checks involved in floating--the anxiety and discomfort soon falls to the wayside. 

Do some more sessions and you'll find that this routine can translate to how you deal with any other discomfort--especially the ones that might trigger your cigarette cravings! 


3) Floating gives you back time for yourself

Maybe your mind races throughout the day, you're feeling overwhelmed by distracting cravings for the next cigarette, or you're distracted by all the willpower you've had to focus to fight your cravings to smoke. 

Floating forces you to take an hour out of your day to just say no to all of it. 

It's your time for your mind to unwind.

As you do more floats, you'll start to realize the special gift and valuable refreshment you give yourself when you schedule in time in your day to unwind and not be bothered. 



Although floating is not for everybody, it is worth trying out at least once.

For smokers trying to quit smoking--if the strategies and tactics you have tried so far haven't gotten you the results of living a smoke-free life, then you have to be open to learning and trying new approaches. 

Give it a shot--this might be the routine you create for yourself that helps you quit smoking for good! 

Check out Clear Float if you're in the Calgary Mission area, book an appointment, and they'll take care of you. 


Thanks for reading!

I want to help you create your own success story
and break out of your smoking habit for good!

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